Jasmine oil is one of the most popular scents in perfumery today. It is often referred to as the king of essential oils (and rose as the queen of essential oils) because it is so widely used. But did you know that there is no true jasmine essential oil? Essential oils are steam distilled.

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Jasmine Sambac

Jasmine Sambac is the variety of jasmine flower that is more masculine in scent, truly earning the name “king of flowers”. Rose is known as “the queen of flowers”. This variety is also known as Arabian Jasmine or Chinese Jasmine and it has a more exotic smell than the other common variety of jasmine flower, Jasmine Grandiflorum. The flower also looks different than the Jasmine Grandiflorum blossom. The blossom of the Jasmine Sambac plant has a blossom similar to the lotus flower or a rose blossom. Other varieties of jasmine blossom flowers have a 5 petal blossoms that are star shaped. This variety of jasmine flower is night blooming, meaning all harvesting of this flower is done before sunrise.

It takes 8,000 to 10,000 blossoms to create one gram of jasmine sambac absolute. The blossoms must be individually harvested by hand and a good harvester can harvest up to 15,000 blossoms in a day. Bruised or damaged flowers are useless for extracting oil, therefore most of the process is done very carefully by hand. What makes it an absolute is the extraction process. To be called an essential, the oil must be steam distilled. However steam distillation would completely destroy the delicate jasmine sambac flower. There for a solvent extraction process is used. The properties of the oil that is produced is nearly identical to other essential oils that are steam distilled and it is therefore just as beneficial to the body as an essential.

There are a wide variety of uses for jasmine sambac. Any aromatherapy blend that calls for jasmine can be made with jasmine sambac. All the different varieties of jasmine can be used interchangeably, but be aware of what each scent smells like, as it may affect how well the blend works for you.

Jasmine sambac absolute is particularly effective as an aphrodisiac. Its warm exotic scent blends well with sandalwood, ylang ylang, or patchouli for use in massage oils, body lotions, used in directly in the bath or in a diffuser. Be aware that using any essential oil in a bath is nearly 100 times more potent than any other modality, since the warm water opens the pores and allows more of the constituents to enter the body. If this is how you plan to use it, use only a few drops to avoid any negative effects. If you plan to use the oil in a diffuser, add 5-10 drops to the bowl. Allow it to burn for 30 minutes and then blow out the flame. The oil is warm so it will continue to scent the room without scorching it.

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